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Meet The Director

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Hi! My name is Chanelle Amber Scott, Executive Director and Co-Founder of TINY TOWN CA. My life’s purpose is to take action against homelessness in the city and county that I was born and reared in. As a child, my father, Harmon Roberts III would work construction for the local cement masons and on the weekend, he would sometimes take our family on a ride to downtown Los Angeles. The beginning of the ride would be exciting indeed as he pointed out the high rise that he was helping to build. My heart would fill with pride and amazement! And then, as we continued further into downtown, he would take us to the ride through skid row. My heart would sink down to the pit of my stomach and tears would roll uncontrollably. One day I asked him to please not take us there! It just made me so sad and my father turned around and looked at me and said. “If you don’t want to be here, don’t do drugs! And do good in school!”


Even after taking my father’s stern advise, I still found myself homeless! I lived in Los Angeles and in other parts of California and I struggled as a married and then single mother to make my rent. My wages stayed the same but there was no regulation for rent increases. I could afford a 1 bedroom apartment that would rent for $1300 a month but because I had three children at the time, no one would rent to me because it was “too many people” for a one bedroom. Working 40 plus hours a week was never enough even with commission pay as I have been in sales and marketing for over 25 years. As a top producer for some of the most well-known and prosperous companies in the country, I was awarded with plaques, fancy pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, an Easter basket and barely enough money to cover my biggest bill: my rent! After years of hard work and frustration, I decided to take ACTION. It had been decided over 20 years ago when I found myself left without my little broke down car, no way to work, fired and then homeless with my 3 small children. THIS WAS NOT FAIR.

​I was homeless...


The only place that I could think to go to that was far enough away from everyone that would recognize me but close enough to be familiar was Las Vegas, Nevada and there I went with my three little children. We stayed at the Shade Tree Homeless Shelter for women and children for 30 days. I worked a telemarketing job while we stayed there until I had enough to try and find our own place. That experience devastated my children and I until this day. I promised them that they would never be homeless like this again and I would do something about it!!!!

Thank you so much to for capturing my story in such a beautiful way.

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Fast Forward


In August of 2020 Rhon D. Mitchell Sr. and I acquired 19.28 acres of land in Llano, Ca. There are panoramic views of mountain ranges, near by lakes and springs, untouched natural land, and neighbors that wave hello as we pass down a bumpy desert road. At night we enjoy the sparking lights of the city below us with the night sky filled with millions of stars, galaxies and brilliant moon. We must share this!


How many people can we bless with this gorgeous land? How many lives will it change? As many as we are willing to work for. I am dedicated to RISE of TINY TOWN CA! We cannot fail! We will not stop until every tiny home that is built and this Oasis is filled with thriving families. I have personally witnessed what can happen when you put a woman in a beautiful environment and let her rest and recover. I am living proof that when the weight of life is lifted, you find your gift and purpose, TINY TOWN CA is certainly mine.

Providing new beginnings


My mission as the Executive Director of TINY TOWN CA is provide as many tools that are available to the restoration, revitalization, financial stability and potential land and homeownership for all participating residents by the end of our program. I am reaching out to all those who are willing to make a change TODAY. Women and children are homeless and desperate TODAY! We can not wait any longer. Be a hero and get involved. I appreciate you all!


Mobile: 323-901-0563


Name recipient: Tiny Town CA

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